Table 2

Case characteristics

N or average (range)% or SD
Procedural success4896%
Number of devices implanted1.0 (0–2)±0.2
Device configuration
 Ipsilateral A1–A24594%
 Ipsilateral to contralateral36%
 Bilateral A1–A2 (H-pipe)715%
Significant cervical ICA tortuosity1326%
Cavernous ICA grade
Distal intracranial catheter position
 Proximal cavernous ICA1224%
 Distal cavernous ICA1632%
 Supraclinoid ICA2142%
Fluoroscopy time, min35.7 (15–102)±18
Radiation dose, cGy1994 (756–4456)±909
Adjunct coil deployment24%
IA verapamil1632%
Balloon angioplasty36%
PED cork/removal24%
  • ICA, internal carotid artery; PED, Pipeline embolization device.