Abstract O-028 Table 2 VES score sheet

Ventura ELVO Scale ComponentsScore
1) Eye deviation – Forced deviation of BOTH eyes to either side. χ Positive=1 χ Negative=0
2) Aphasia – Patient is awake but one or more of the following is present: – Unable to repeat a sentence. – Unable to name an object. – Talking gibberish and/or not following any commands. – Mute *If Aphasia positive then neglect can be evaluated by noticing if patient is not paying attention to you when you stand on one side but pay attention to you when you stand on the other side. χ Positive=1 χ Negative=0
3) Neglect – Identified by individual then simultaneous stimulus. (If patient can feel both sides individually but not feeling one side on simultaneous stimulation then its positive) χ Positive=1 χ Negative=0
4) Obtundation – Positive if patient is not staying awake during conversation. χ Positive=1 χ Negative=0
Ventura ELVO Score: – Maximum 4 and Minimum 0 - Score of 1 or greater is considered as ELVO Positive.