Table 4

Rapid Arterial oCclusion Evaluation scale (RACE)63

ItemRace scoreNIHSS equivalent
Facial palsy
 Moderate to severe22–3
Arm motor function
 Normal to mild00–1
Leg motor function
 Normal to mild00–1
Head and gaze deviation
Aphasia* (if R hemiparesis)
 Performs both tasks correctly00
 Performs one task correctly11
 Performs neither task22
Agnosia† (if L hemiparesis)
 Recognizes both paretic arm and impairment00
 Does not recognize paretic arm or impairment11
 Does not recognize paretic arm and impairment22
Total score0–9
  • *Aphasia: (1) ‘close your eyes’; (2) ‘make a fist’.

  • †Agnosia: (1) “‘whose arm is this?’”; (2) ‘raise both hands and clap’.

  • RACE ≥5: 85% sensitivity, 68% specificity, 0.22 negative likelihood ratio for large vessel occlusion.

  • NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.