Table 3

Procedural outcomes as evaluated by the core laboratory

VariableResults, n (%)
Adjunctive devices used
 Balloons9 (18%)
 Coils7 (14.0%)
Post-deployment stasis
 Complete stasis5 (10.0%)
 Significant stasis18 (36.0%)
 No disruption of inflow jet27 (54.0%)
Aneurysm occlusion*
 Complete occlusion5 (10.0%)
 Residual neck0
 Residual aneurysm45 (90.0%)
Complete wall apposition
 Yes48 (96.0%)
 No2 (4.0%)
Entire aneurysm neck covered by PFED
 Yes50 (100.0%)
Side branch covered by PFED
 Ophthalmic artery40 (80.0%)
 Anterior choroidal artery14 (28.0%)
 Posterior communicating artery16 (32.0%)
 Posterior inferior cerebellar artery2 (4.0%)
  • *Aneurysm occlusion assessed according to Raymond–Roy classification.