Table 5

Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Severity Scale (CPSSS)62

 Conjugate gaze deviation (≥1 NIHSS gaze)2
 Incorrectly answers one LOC question and one command on NIHSS (age, current month, close eyes, open and close hand) (≥1 on NIHSS)1
Motor arm
 Cannot hold arm up (left, right or both) for 10 s before it falls to bed (≥2 on NIHSS)1
Total score0–4
  • CPSSS ≥2: 83% sensitivity, 40% specificity, 0.4 negative likelihood ratio for large vessel occlusion.

  • CPSSS ≥2: 92% sensitivity, 51% specificity, 0.15 negative likelihood ratio for NIHSS score ≥15.

  • LOC, level of consciousness; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.