TableĀ 2

Arterial wall alterations

Arterial modelEndothelial damageDamage to the internal elastic laminaDamage to the tunica media/adventitiaElectron microscopy
ICAADAPTNoNo+ (some degeneration of medial/adventitial elastic fibers)Parietal laceration due to manipulation
M1ADAPT+ (discontinuous endothelial layer/granulocyte infiltration)No++ (some alterations of medial/adventitial elastic fibers)Normal endothelial layer with morphological alterations
ICACONTROLDiscontinuous endotheliumNoNoAreas with and without endothelial cells
ICASR+++ (endothelial layer absent)+++ (thickened)+++ (some alterations of medial/adventitial elastic fibers)Pronounced alterations of the elastic layer of the tunica media
M1SR+++ (endothelial layer absent)+++ (thickened)+++ (some alterations of medial/adventitial elastic fibers)Endothelial layer absent
  • See text for description of the arterial models.

  • ADAPT, a direct aspiration first pass technique; ICA, internal carotid artery; SR, stent retriever.