TableĀ 3

Studies of mechanical thrombectomy with reported incidence of vessel perforation

Study (year of publication)Study designTreatment strategy% (n perforation/N thrombectomy cases)
Current seriesMulticenter, retrospectiveStent retriever1.0% (16/1599)
ESCAPE (2015)1Randomized trialStent retriever (86% of interventions)0.6% (1/165)
MR CLEAN (2015)2Randomized trialStent retriever (97% of interventions)0.9% (2/233)
EXTEND IA (2015)3Randomized trialStent retriever2.9% (1/35)
REVASCAT (2015)4Randomized trialStent retriever4.9% (5/103)
SWIFT PRIME (2015)5Randomized trialStent retriever1.0% (1/98)
Gascou et al (2014)8Single-center, prospectiveStent retriever0.7% (1/144)
Yoon et al (2013)9Single-center, retrospectiveStent retriever0% (0/74)
SWIFT (2012)13Randomized trialStent retriever, Merci1.7% (1/58) with stent retriever; 5.5% (3/55) with Merci
TREVO 2 (2012)14Randomized trialStent retriever, Merci1.1% (1/88) with stent retriever; 10.0% (9/90) with Merci
Penumbra Pivotal Stroke trial (2009)15Prospective, multicenter, single armPenumbra system (reperfusion catheter+separator)2.4% (3/125)
MERCI (2005)16Prospective, multicenter, single armMerci4.0% (6/151)