Table 1

Summary of platelet deposition statistical analyses. The comprehensive analysis calculates specific effect sizes for FRED, Shield Technology, ASA, and Clopidogrel using unmodified PED without antiplatelet therapy as a reference. Subset analyses are direct comparisons between devices (FRED, PED, PED+Sheild) within each antiplatelet therapy (no antiplatelet, ASA alone, DAPT)

ComparisonEffect (platelets×109)Test statisticp Value
Comprehensive analysis vs PED alone
 Shield Technology−2.44F=17.328.1×10−4***
Subset: no antiplatelet
 FRED vs PED2.32t=2.200.084
 FRED vs PED+Shield6.73t=4.991.8×10−6***
 PED vs PED+Shield2.9t=2.790.016*
Subset: ASA alone
 FRED vs PED2.92t=2.680.022*
 FRED vs PED+Shield7.04t=4.883.2×10−6***
 PED vs PED+Shield2.41t=2.200.084
Subset: DAPT
 FRED vs PED−1.01t=−0.081.00
 FRED vs PED+Shield1.46t=4.591.4×10−5***
 PED vs PED+Shield2.07t=4.893.0×10−6***
  • *denotes p<0.05; ***denotes p<0.001.

  • ASA, acetylsalicylic acid; DAPT, dual antiplatelet therapy; FRED, Flow-Redirection Endoluminal Device; PED, Pipeline Embolization Device.