Table 1

Baseline aneurysm characteristics; aneurysms scheduled for endovascular treatment assisted by the Comaneci device including baseline anatomical findings, immediate, and F/U (follow-up) angiographic results, alternative treatment strategies and complications

CaseLocationFundus (mm)Neck (mm)Occlusion (%)ComplicationAlternative treatmentF/U occlusion (%)Months to latest F/U
1ICA Pcom5410010016
2ICA Pcom32100RemodelingXX
3ICA Pcom8890–9990–9912
4ICA Pcom32100Coil dislocation at 3 months’ F/U1008
5ICA o6490–991005
6ICA o43100StentXX
7ICA Pcom32100StentXX
8ICA o12690–991004
9ICA Pcom84100RemodelingXX
10ICA Pcom84100
11ICA Pcom221001003
12ICA Pcom8490–99ICA thrombosis, mechanical thrombectomy
13ICA Pcom4390–991007
14ICA o8410090–993
15ICA o641001003
16ICA o961001003
17ICA Pcom33100ICA occlusion at 3 months’ F/U1003
18ICA o85100
  • ICA, internal carotid artery; o, paraophthalmic; Pcom, posterior communicating.