Table 3

Association of lower blood pressure during general anesthesia compared with baseline with a shift in the direction of better outcome on the modified Rankin Scale (mRS)

VariablesLikelihood of a shift towards better outcome on mRS
cOR95% CIp ValueacOR95% CIp Value
ΔMAP, per unit mm Hg0.960.93 to 0.990.010.950.92 to 0.990.01
As percentage of baseline MAP0.960.92 to 0.990.010.950.92 to 0.990.01
ΔLMAP, per unit mm Hg0.970.95 to to 1.000.09
As percentage of baseline MAP0.970.94 to to 1.020.43
  • acOR, adjusted common OR (adjusted for age, history of diabetes mellitus, atrial fibrillation and previous stroke, presence of ICA-T occlusion, time from onset to randomization and baseline National Institute of Health Stroke Scale); cOR, common OR; GA, general anesthesia; ICA-T, internal carotid artery terminus; MAP, mean arterial pressure; ΔLMAP, difference between baseline and lowest MAP during GA; ΔMAP, difference between baseline and average MAP during GA.