Table 2

Procedural details

Procedural success95100%
Access, catheters and anatomy
Significant cervical ICA tortuosity11/8912%
Cavernous ICA grade
Distal intracranial catheter used
 Navien 0.058 inch55%
 Navien 0.072 inch33%
 Catalyst 5 0.058 inch7276%
 InNeuroCo 0.058 inch1213%
Distal intracranial catheter position
 Proximal cavernous3941%
 Distal cavernous3133%
0.027 inch microcatheter used
Case characteristics
Fluoroscopy time (min)40.0 (15.8–116.4)±19.8
Radiation exposure (mGy)2260 (825–7014)±1123
Vasospasm (verapamil infusion)1415%
Access-related complications22%
 Iatrogenic dissection*11%
 Groin hematoma11%
  • *Iatrogenic dissection from positioning of the distal intracranial catheter.