Table 2

Post-treatment characteristics of Groups A and B

Group AGroup Bp Value
BMI at 6 months (mean), kg/m240.336.10.5
BCVA at 3 months (mean)20/2820/230.3
BCVA at 6 months (mean)20/2720/240.3
Average MD (dB) at 3 months (mean±SD)−7.5±7.35−3.8±3.20.15
Average MD (dB) at 6 months (mean ±SD)−6.9±9.1−2.4±0.90.1
Average RNFL at 3 months (mean±SD), µm210±162235±720.7
Average RNFL at 6 months (mean±SD), µm85±995±240.6
Acetazolamide dosage at 3 months (mean±SD), mg/day1450±670562±7180.1
Acetazolamide dosage at 6 months (mean±SD), mg/day1625±478750±15000.31
Duration of acetazolamide treatment (mean±SD), days188±209571±5440.07
  • BCVA, best corrected visual acuity; BMI, body mass index; MD, mean deviation; RNFL, retinal nerve fiber layer.