Table 1

Baseline characteristics of subjects

Group AGroup Bp Value
Number of subjects66
Age (mean±SD), years32±12.330.6±6.60.82
BMI at presentation (mean±SD), kg/m239±4.136.2±9.30.85
 Range32.8–43.125.7 to 50.6
BCVA (mean)20/2520/230.29
Ishihara color vision score97%100%0.15
Average MD at presentation (mean±SD), dB−6.9±7.3−10.2±7.80.47
Average RNFL at presentation (mean±SD), µm210±44.8235±124.70.44
Venous pressure gradient (mean±SD), mm Hg29±16.317.6±9.30.09
LP opening pressure (mean±SD), cm H2O40.4±7.635.6±10.60.4
  • BCVA, best corrected visual acuity; BMI, body mass index; LP, lumbar puncture; MD, mean deviation;  RNFL, retinal nerve fiber layer.