Table 3

Time requirement: notification to groin puncture, groin puncture to groin closure, and total time based on time of day

N (%)Notification to punctureIntra-procedural lengthTotal time
Median (min)IQR
p ValueMedian (min)IQR
p ValueMedian (min)IQR
p Value
Total time (all cases)1898456–1455733–80154114–207
Day period0.0040.080.27
Daytime (06:00–22:00 hours)152 (80)77.551–1426034–83150110–199
Night-time (22:00–06:00 hours)37 (20)11180–1714527–68164120–213
Week period0.030.780.01
Weekday (Mon–Fri)148 (78)7851–1415733–79147110–193
Weekend (Sat–Sun)41 (22)10277–1555633–87177148–226
Extended weekend*0.010.990.03
Weekday132 (70)7650–765733–78146110–198
Extended weekend57 (30)10277–1555633–81174136–224
Work period<0.0010.290.01
Work hours70 (37)5837–1046036–88137103–177
Non-work hours119 (63)10275–1515333–76170125–221
Site of arrival0.390.710.34
Emergency room79 (42)8257–1265632–82151113–184
Transfer99 (52)9851–1795632–82160114–225
Inpatient116 7767–1246535–94145
  • *Extended weekend includes time period from Friday at 17:00 hours until Monday at 07:00 hours versus non-extended weekend time which includes all other times.