Table 2

Results of the univariate and multivariable logistic regression for predictors of good outcome

VariableUnivariate (n=148)Multivariate (n=148)
OR95% CIp ValueIncluded in model?OR95% CIp Value
Age0.970.94 to 0.990.003Yes0.990.96 to 1.010.331
Female0.620.32 to 1.190.148Yes*1.440.64 to 3.250.380
White1.010.52 to 1.950.985Yes*1.030.46 to 2.270.949
Baseline NIHSS0.880.84 to 0.93<0.001Yes0.890.82 to 0.94<0.001
Time from onset to groin0.990.99 to 0.990.039Yes0.990.99 to 0.9990.061
IV tPA1.100.56 to 2.150.788No
Groin time1.020.97 to 1.060.47No
Early recanalization (≤35 min)2.821.41 to 5.620.003Yes0.350.15 to 0.830.017
Device: stent retrievers0.770.35 to 1.700.546No
Device: Precise1.290.30 to 5.600.999No
Device: other1.240.58 to 2.630.718No
Number of passes=11.180.52 to 2.3670.401No
Number of passes=21.270.56 to 2.840.572No
Number of passes >20.540.27 to 1.070.08No
Post-TICI flow ‘good’ (2b–3)2.730.485 to 15.410.237Yes*0.390.05 to 3.220.384
AF2.040.86 to 4.810.101Yes*0.240.07 to 0.770.017
Diabetes1.000.44 to 2.240.991Yes*1.110.38 to 3.200.850
Hypertension0.830.42 to 1.610.574Yes*1.630.67 to 3.970.280
Waking Up2.820.57 to 14.10.189No
Complications0.370.03 to 4.210.408No
Hemorrhage0.380.19 to 0.760.01Yes1.750.71 to 4.310.227
Hemorrhage: PH2 subtype0.470.13 to 1.80.327Yes*1.410.25 to 7.900.697
  • Variables achieving statistical significance are highlighted in bold type.

  • *Although not statistically significant variable on univariate analysis, it was included owing to clinical significance.

  • AF, atrial fibrillation; IV tPA, IV tissue plasminogen activator; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; PH2, parenchymal hematoma type 2; TICI, Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction.