Table 1

Patient baseline characteristics according to study group

CharacteristicsAll (n=201)DTER (n=87)DTCT (n=74)DTAS (n=40)p Value
Age (years), mean±SD)71.7±13.272.5±1370.9±12.771.5±15.50.751
Gender (male), %52.855.252.752.90.724
Hypertension (%)7279.362.274.40.052
Diabetes (%)25.627.624.323.50.853
Atrial fibrillation (%)29.536.82325.60.135
Smoking habit (%)13.811.514.917.60.647
Transfer from other center (%)49.335.648.672.50.01
Admission NIHSS, median (IQR)17 (11–20)16 (10–21)16 (10–19.5)18 (15.5–20)0.24
IV tPA (%)44.335.655.442.50.46
No occlusion on initial angiogram (%)<0.01
  • DTAS, direct transfer to angiosuite; DTCT, direct transfer to CT; DTER, direct transfer to emergency room; NIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.