Table 1

Summary of studies

ReferenceTotal number of patientsNumber with BGCNumber without BGCNumber anterior/ Number posteriorDifferences in baseline NIHSS?Differences in comorbidities?Study designInclusion criteriaRisk of bias
Pereira et al, 201521 87483948/0; 39/0NoNoPost-hoc analysis of SWIFT-PRIMEPre-stroke mRS ≤1, NIHSS 8–29. Treatment within 6 hours with Solitaire for anterior circulation stroke. Infarct <100 mL of tissue. ASPECTS ≥6Moderate
Nguyen et al, 20148 338149189142/7; 161/28NoMore afibrillation in BGCPost-hoc analysis of NASA RegistryPresent within 8 hours onset for anterior circulation, 12 hours for posterior circulation. Treatment with Solitaire deviceModerate
Velasco et al, 20169 18310281102/0; 81/0NoNoSingle-center, retrospectivePresent within 8 hours onset for anterior circulation stroke. Treatment with stent-retriever onlyHigh
Zaidat et al, 201715 16 880505375505/0; 375/0 NoNoPost-hoc analysis of STRATIS RegistryPre-stroke mRS ≤1, NIHSS 8–30. Present within 8 hours onset for stroke. Treatment with Solitaire device. Only anterior circulation strokes included in BGC subanalysis.Moderate
Nguyen 14 534279255279/0; 255/0NAYounger patients in BGC group, higher afibrillation in BGC, lower hypertension in BGCPost-Hoc analysis of TRACK RegistryAnticipated life expectancy of 3 months. Large vessel occlusion treated with TREVO. Only anterior circulation strokes included in BGC subanalysisModerate
  • BGC, balloon guide catheter; NIHSS, NIH Stroke Scale.