Table 1

Customized imaging protocols

Dose setting
Frame rate/secondDose setting nGy/pulsePulse rate/secondDose setting nGy/pulsePulse rate/second
Adult default vendor protocol2.4336154515
Adult low-dose protocol1.82Multiphase 2/s x 4 s, 1/s thereafter233297.5
Pediatric low-dose protocol0.54Multiphase 2/s x 4 s, 1/s thereafter183233/7.5
Infant protocol0.24Multiphase 2/s x 4 s, 1/s thereafter153183/7.5
  • The most substantial variable settings are listed for the initial modifications to the vendor-installed protocols. Furthermore, with increased familiarity with the machine, modifications of the protocols varied considerably during each case depending on the complexity of the particular phase. Switching back and forth between protocols, or varying the pulse and frame rates within a particular fluoroscopy or roadmap protocol, became routine and commonplace.