Table 5

Patient demographics and data

GroupNAge (years)
Total fluoroscopy time (min)
Number of biplane DSA runs
Adult diagnostic36052.9±15.611.8±17.65.4±2.4
Adult interventional25354.6±15.465.7±44.58.8±4.6
Pediatric diagnostic4910.6±4.97.3±3.44.2±2.5
Pediatric interventional2013.2±4.065.1±37.99.3±4.3
  • Adult interventional cases consisted of a variety of aneurysm embolizations using coils, balloons, and flow excluders (n=57), pial arteriovenous malformation (AVM) embolizations (n=14), emergency thrombectomies (n=23), dural AVM embolizations (n=15) and the remainder representing a variety of head and neck emergency and preoperative tumor embolizations. Pediatric interventional case were pial AVM embolizations (n=6), carotid cavernous fistula embolizations (n=2), preoperative ear, nose, and throat tumor embolizations (n=7), and the remainder represented a variety of traumatic or other emergency bleeding control procedures.