Table 1

Definition of the term large vessel occlusion in recent literature evaluating endovascular therapy

StudyYear of publicationOnly anterior circulationDefinition of large vessel occlusion in publication
MR CLEAN12015YesOcclusion of the distal intracranial internal carotid artery (ICA), middle cerebral artery (MCA, M1 or M2 segments), or anterior cerebral artery (A1 or A2 segments)
EXTEND-IA22015YesOcclusion of the ICA or of the first or second segment of the MCA
SWIFT PRIME52015YesOcclusion of the intracranial ICA, the first segment of the MCA
ESCAPE32015YesOcclusion of the MCA trunk and its immediate branches, with or without intracranial occlusion of the ICA
REVASCAT42015YesOcclusion of the intracranial ICA (distal ICA or T occlusions), M1 or tandem occlusions
THRACE62016NoOcclusion of the intracranial ICA, the M1 segment of the MCA, or the superior third of the basilar artery
DAWN72017YesOcclusion of the intracranial ICA, first segment of the MCA, or both
DEFUSE 3232018YesOcclusion of the ICA or MCA-M1 segment