Table 1

Aneurysmal characteristics—baseline anatomy, complications, follow-up, immediate occlusion rate, device model used, and time of inflation

Case NoLocationDome (mm)NeckComplicationDe novo rupturedF/U occlusionTime of inflation (min)Comaneci modelRaymond Scale
1ACOM3.53.3NoY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion7.5‘171
2MCA75.9NoY Fisher IIComplete occlusion9‘171
3Basilar7.97.4Not related. Right leg paresisY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion15Comaneci1
4ICA33NoYComplete occlusion3Comaneci1
5MCA7.55.8NoY Fisher IIComplete occlusion6.5Petit1
6ACOM3.33.2NoY Fisher IVComplete occlusion7‘171
7Basilar SCA3.13Protrusion of coils/cerebellar ataxiaY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion10Petit1
8ICA86NoY Fisher IIComplete occlusion15Comaneci1
9ACOM3.53.5NoY Fisher IVComplete occlusion9‘171
10ACOM3.22.8NoY Fisher IIINeck remnant6Petit2
11ACOM4.63.9NoY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion12Petit1
12ICA54NoY Fisher IIComplete occlusion10Petit1
13ACOM53.9NoY Fisher IIComplete occlusion7‘171
14ACOM4.54NoY Fisher IVComplete occlusion12‘171
15Basilar4.83.3NoY Fisher IIComplete occlusion18Petit1
16ACOM116NoY Fisher IVComplete occlusion20Petit1
17MCA33NoY Fisher IComplete occlusion5Petit1
18MCA54Not related. Mild aphasiaY Fisher IIIn/a12Petit1
19ICA7.56.7Not related. Hemiparesis SIN 3/5Y Fisher IVComplete occlusion15Comaneci1
20MCA2.71.9NoY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion10‘171
21ACA4.43.5NoY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion5.5Petit1
22ICA117NoY Fisher IVComplete occlusion3Petit1
23ACOM22NoY Fisher IVComplete occlusion12Comaneci1
24Basilar8.66.8NoY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion252X’ 171
25MCA3.53NoY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion3.5‘171
26Basilar tip5.53.5NoY Fisher IIIComplete occlusion7Petit1
27SCA SIN55NoY Fisher IComplete occlusion15Comaneci3
28MCA7.54.5NoY Fisher IIIn/a17‘172
29ICA44NoY Fisher IIComplete occlusion6.5Comaneci1
  • ACA, anterior cerebral artery; ACOM, anterior communicating artery; F/U, follow-up; ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; SCA, superior cerebellar artery.