Reasons for not receiving off-label ET (n=105)N (%)‡
Large infarct core >70 mL51 (49%)
Baseline mRS >229 (28%)
Completed infarct§28 (27%)
Patient did not consent or opted against ET4 (4%)
  • *10% of patients had more than one reason for trial ineligibility.

  • †DAWN: age ≥80 years, NIHSS ≥10 and infarct volume ≤21 mL; age <80 years, NIHSS ≥10 and infarct volume ≤31 mL or NIHSS ≥20 and infarct volume ≤51 mL. DEFUSE-3: ischemic core volume <70 mL, mismatch ratio ≥1.8 and mismatch volume ≥15 mL.

  • ‡8% of patients had more than one reason for not receiving ET.

  • §The term ‘completed Infarct’ used here implies that, while the ischemic core volume <70 mL, there was little to no salvageable penumbra on perfusion imaging.

  • ET, endovascular thrombectomy; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NIHSS, NIH Stroke Scale.