Table 3

Characteristics of elderly (≥80 years of age) patients in thrombectomy compared with medical management, matched by baseline variables

VariableMedical (n=108)Thrombectomy (n=108)Test usedTest summary (P value)
 Age (years)85.2 (4)84.7 (4.2)t test>0.05
 Women (n (%))65 (60.2)74 (68.5)χ2 test>0.05
 White (n (%))77 (71.3)69 (63.9)χ2 test>0.05
 Pre-stroke mRS (median (IQR))1.0 (2.0)1.0 (2.0)MW>0.05
  Pre-stroke mRS 0–2 (n (%))85 (81)93 (86.1)χ2 test>0.05
 Posterior circulation (n (%))7 (6.5)7 (6.5)χ2 test>0.05
 Baseline NIHSS17.7 (8.4)17.3 (6.5)t test>0.05
Comorbidities (n (%))
 Diabetes35 (32.4)32 (29.6)χ2 test>0.05
 Hypertension84 (77.8)90 (83.3)χ2 test>0.05
 Afib64 (59.2)55 (50.9)χ2 test>0.05
 Hyperlipidemia58 (53.7)56 (51.9)χ2 test>0.05
 Prior stroke28 (25.9)28 (25.9)χ2 test>0.05
IV tPA (n (%))55 (50.9)49 (45.3)χ2 test>0.05
Outcome (90 day)
 mRS (median (IQR))5.0 (2.0)4.0 (3.0)MW>0.05
 mRS dichotomized (n (%))χ2 test>0.05
  mRS 0–221 (19.5)22 (20.5)
  mRS >287 (80.6)85 (79.5)
 Death (n (%))26 (24.1)37 (34.3)χ2 test>0.05
 Hemorrhage (all types)10 (9.3)44 (40.7)χ2 test<0.001
  Hemorrhage, PH21 (0.9)6 (5.6)χ2 test0.05
 Length of stay (days)8.4 (9.4)10.5 (14.6)t test>0.05
  • Values are n (%), mean (SD), or median (IQR).

  • χ2 test was used for categorical variables, Student’s t test was used for parametric variables, and the Mann-Whitney test was used for non-parametric variables.

  • Afib, atrial fibrillation; IV tPA, intravenous tissue plasminogen activator; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; MW, Mann–Whitney test; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; PH2, parenchymal hematoma.