Table 1

Association of FIV with ordinal modified Rankin Scale and likelihood function test output of multivariable modeling

ModelOR for FIV per 10 mL95% CILikelihood function test (AIC)
A0.880.87 to 0.894842
B0.910.90 to 0.934781
C0.880.87 to 0.904825
D0.920.90 to 0.944775
  • ORs towards a shift in better outcome on the modified Rankin Scale.

  • All multivariable regression models (A – D) included age and National Institutes of Health and Stroke Scale score. In addition, model A included FIV; model B included FIV and location (laterality and Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT score); model C included FIV and hemorrhage type, and model D included FIV, location and hemorrhage type.

  • AIC, Akaike’s Information Criterion; FIV, follow-up infarct volume.