Table 2

Follow-up measurements for basilar artery radius of curvature and aneurysm-tilt-angle. The baseline measurements are from the initial preoperative angiography. The change in measurements is the difference between the last follow-up and the baseline preoperative angiography as calculated for each patient

<10 mm (n=47)
≥10 mm (n=22)
P values
Follow-up radius of curvature (mm)36.5 (±14.5)35.1 (±16)0.6
Follow-up aneurysm-tilt-angle (deg)146.3 (±29)126.7 (±26)0.001
Change in aneurysm-tilt-angle (deg)1.1 (±2.8)13.5 (±14.4)<0.0001
Change in radius of curvature (mm)0.25 (±2.1)1.3 (±9.4)0.0002