Table 4

Summary of findings table for PICO 2

Certainty assessmentNo of patientsEffectQuality of evidenceImportance
No of studiesStudy designRisk of biasInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationsMT+BMMBMM aloneRelative
(95% CI)
(95% CI)
mRS score 0–2
 2Randomized trialsNot seriousSeriousSeriousNot seriousStrong association 93/199 (46.7%)28/189 (14.8%) RR=3.12
(2.15 to 4.53)
OR=5.01 (3.07 to 8.17)
314 more per 1 000
(from 170 more to 523 more)
  • The RR and OR presented in the table correspond to our aggregate data meta-analysis of DAWN and DEFUSE-3.

  • BMM, best medical management; CI, confidence interval; MT, mechanical thrombectomy; RR, risk ratio.

  • *Explanation:

  • The overall quality of evidence (QoE) to provide recommendations for the 6-24h time window was rated as moderate for the following reasons:

  • Starting with a high QoE due to the randomized trial design, the QoE was downgraded by one step due to indirectness because the DEFUSE-3 trial did not enroll patients beyond 16hours

  • The QoE was rated up by one step due to a strong association (pooled RR larger than 2.0)

  • Although there was no evidence of heterogeneity in our meta-analysis, we still considered the risk of inconsistency due to other bias to be serious because of the varying inclusion and exclusion criteria across trials.