Table 1

Patient demographics, clinical symptoms, and endovascular therapy details of included studies.

Author and year of publicationNo. of patientsSide of PTDuration of PT (months)Venous pathologyIJV compression testPG across venous lesionEndovascular treatmentStent deployedPT resolutionComplicationsFollow-up (months)
Houdart et al,6 20001L6Left T-S sinus diverticulum+N/ACoil embolizationCompleteNil8
Sanchez et al,7 20021L36Left T-S sinus diverticulum+N/AVSS and coil embolizationWallstentCompleteCerebellar infarct (mRS1)12
Zenteno et al,8 20041L6Left T-S sinus diverticulum+N/AVSS and coil embolizationWallstentCompleteNil6
Yoon et al,9 20081RN/ARight HRJBN/AN/AVSS and coil embolizationPRECISECompleteNil15
Gard et al,10 20091LN/ALeft T-S sinus diverticulum+N/ACoil embolizationCompleteNil12
Mehanna et al,11 20101R72Right sigmoid sinus diverticulum+N/ACoil embolization90% improvementNil12
Park et al,12 20111R36Right sigmoid sinus diverticulum+N/ACoil embolizationCompleteNil22
Signorelli et al,13 20121R48Right JBD and distal sigmoid stenosis+10 mm HgVSS and balloon angioplastyPRECISECompleteNil36
Lenck et al,14 20121RN/ARight T-S sinus diverticulum+N/ACoil embolizationCompleteNil84
Santos-Franco et al,15 20121R240Right sigmoid sinus diverticulum and T-S sinus stenosisN/AN/AVSSCristallo IdealeCompleteNil6
Amans et al,16 20141R18Right sigmoid sinus diverticulum and T-S sinus stenosis+N/ACoil embolizationCompleteNil6
Thénint et al,17 20142L (1), R (1)6 (2)Left (1) and right (1) JBDN/AN/AVSS and coil embolizationWallstentComplete (2)Nil12 (2)
Mortimer et al,18 20151R10Right JBDN/AN/AVSS and coil embolizationE-LuminexxCompleteNil10
Trivelato et al,19 20151L24Left HRJB and T-S sinus stenosis+10 mm HgVSS and coil embolizationProtégé RXCompleteNil16
Paramasivam et al,20 20161R4Right sigmoid sinus diverticulum and T-S sinus stenosisN/AN/AVSS and coil embolizationProtégé RXCompleteNil8
Li et al,21 20161R48Right T-S sinus diverticulumN/AVSS and coil embolizationLeoCompleteNil4
Shastri et al,22 20172L (2)3 (2)Right T-S sinus diverticulum (2)+N/AVSS and coil embolizationPRECISEComplete (2)Nil12 (2)
Lenck et al,23 201714L (9), R (5)Median 18
(IQR 36)
T-S sinus stenosis (14)+Median
3 mm Hg
(IQR 4)
VSSWallstentComplete (13),
Unchanged (1)
NilMedian 18.5
(IQR 31.0)
Du et al,24 20171R24Right HRJB and
T-S sinus stenosis
N/AN/AVSSSolitaire ABCompleteNil16
Cuellar et al,25 20181R3Right sigmoid sinus diverticulumN/AN/AVSSUnspecifiedCompleteNil6
Lenck et al,26 20186L (3), R (3)Median 18
(IQR 21)
Left (3) and right (3) T-S sinus stenosisN/AMedian
4.5 mm Hg
(IQR 2.5)
VSSWallstentComplete (6)NilN/A
Total41R=52.1%Median 15
(IQR 33)
Complete resolution rate 95.1%Complication rate 2.4%Median follow-up 7 (IQR 14)
  • HRJB, high-riding jugular bulb; IJV, internal jugular vein; IQR, interquartile range; JBD, jugular bulb diverticulum; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; N/A, not applicable; PG, pressure gradient; PT, pulsatile tinnitus; T-S, transverse-sigmoid; VSS, venous sinus stenting; ‘+’,: positive test; ‘−’,: negative test.