Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the 24 treated patients

Clinical presentation
(mRs pretreatment)
Anatomic locationS-M gradeArterial supplyMenox volume injected (mL)Microcatheter usedNidal reduction (%)mRS at 6 month follow-up
Ruptured mRS 3R frontoparietal2ACA/MCA<7 Apollo 51002
Ruptured mRS 1R occipital3PCA>5Apollo 3800
Ruptured mRS 2L parietal-temporal2MCA/MMA>2Apollo 1.51001
Ruptured mRS 2R frontal2ACA>5 Apollo 31000
Ruptured mRS 3L frontoparietal4MCA/ACA>7 Apollo 5301
Thunderclap headache/vomiting mRs 1R temporal4MCA/PCA>6 Apollo 3500
Ruptured mRS 0R occipital3PCA8 Apollo 51000
Ruptured mRS 0L temporo-occipital2PCA5 Apollo 31000
Ruptured mRS 1R temporal4MCA/PCA>4 Apollo 3500
Vision disturbance mRS 1L occipital1PCA>4 Apollo 31000
Epilepsy mRS 0R temporo-occipital2MCA/PCA5 Apollo 31000
epilepsy, and headaches mRS 1
R frontoparietal3MCA/ACA>4 Sonic1000
Ruptured mRS 1R frontal2ACA5 Apollo 1.51000
Ruptured mRS 3L occioital2PCA>5 Apollo 31001
Seizures mRS 0R frontotemporal3MCA/ACA>6 Sonic70N/A
Ruptured mRS 2L/R occipital4L/R PCA7 Apollo 5600
Seizures and headaches mRS 0R temporal2MCA4 Apollo 1.51000
Ruptured mRs 1L frontal3ACA5 Apollo 5601
Seizures and tremors mRS 1R temporal2MCA>3 Apollo 5100N/A
Peripheral visual obscuration mRS 0L occipital3PCA>5 Apollo 1.580N/A
Ruptured mRS 0L frontal2ACA3 Apollo 3100N/A
Ruptured mRS 1L frontoparietal3MCA/ACA8 Sonic100N/A
Seizures mRS 0L occipital2PCA>5 Sonic80N/A
Headaches mRS 1R frontotemporal4ACA/MCA7 Apollo 550N/A
  • ACA, anterior cerebral artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; MMA, middle meningeal artery; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; N/A, not available due to <6 months since embolization; PCA, posterior cerebral artery; S-M, Spetzler–Martin.