Table 1

Successful reperfusion and procedure time evaluated for the device used. A direct aspiration first pass technique (ADAPT) was used for 49 patients, a stent retriever for 29, and both for 20 patients. For the remaining 30 a mixture of spontaneous reperfusers (9), intra-arterial tissue plasminogen activator used alone (3), and a carotid stent was used alone (2) or EVT was not possible owing to anatomy or stenosis (15). One patient had reperfusion by manipulation of the catheter alone.

Successful reperfusionP valueProcedure time (min)P valueTreated under GA
ADAPT (n=49)42/49 (86%)28 (19-41)25/49 (51%)
Stent retriever (n=29)23/29 (79%)0.54, ADAPT compared with stent retriever41 (30–50.75)0.03, ADAPT compared with stent retriever17/29 (59%)
Both (n=20)11/20 (55%)0.01 compared with ADAPT
0.11 compared with stent retriever
61 (52.25–66.5)0.0002 compared with ADAPT
0.007 compared with stent retriever
10/20 (50%)
  • EVT, endovascular therapy; GA, general anesthesia.