Table 2

Procedure time for different levels of occlusion. Procedure time for tandem occlusion is significantly longer than that for internal carotid artery at the neck and M1 occlusions.

Procedure time for reperfusion (n)General anesthesiaConscious sedationP value, comparing GA and CS
Internal carotid artery at the neck alone20 (13.75–34.25) (n=5)24 (n=3)12.5 (n=2)0.08
Intracranial carotid artery occlusion43 (17–69.75) (n=11)43 (25–53.5) n=526 (19-43) n=60.30
First branch of the middle cerebral artery25 (16.5–36) (n=40)23 (16-34) n=1826 (19-43) n=220.43
Second branch of the middle cerebral artery35 (29–44.25) (n=13)41 (33.75–46.25) n=928 (17-34) n=40.09
Tandem occlusion51 (34.25–56) (n=19)51 (33.25–56) n=1546 (38-52) n=40.73