Table 2

HR-VWI of intracranial aneurysms on 7T scans

Author (year)Sample sizeImaging techniqueVWI enhancement analysisFindings
Wrede (2014)45 20 UIA7T MRI TOF MRA/MPRAGE vs 1.5T TOF MRANon-contrast enhanced MPRAGE
  • 7T MPRAGE imaging was superior over 1.5T and 7T TOF MRA in the assessment of aneurysm dome, neck, parent vessel, artifacts, vessel-tissue contrast, and image quality

Kleinloog (2014)47 33 UIA7T MRI TOF MRA and T1-weighted 3D MPIR-TSECompare with a wedge phantom and two aneurysm wall specimens
  • Aneurysm wall SI variations were visualized in 28/33 UIAs

  • Strong correlation between aneurysm wall SI and histological thickness (Pearson coefficient=0.85)

Blankena (2016)48 11 UIA7T MRI MPIR-TSECorrelate wall thickness and wall shear stress
  • Inverse association between apparent wall thickness and wall shear stress (correlation coefficient −0.35, p<0.05)

Matsushige (2016)40 7 UIA7T TOF MRA and SWITriple-layered aneurysmal vessel wall microstructure analysis
  • Increased iron deposits in the aneurysmal vessel wall from two specimens, good correlation with TOF

Wrede (2017)46 64 UIA7T MRI TOF MRA/MPRAGE vs DSANon-contrast enhanced MPRAGE (2D and 3D reconstructions)
  • Correlation between 7T MRI 2D/3D reconstructions and DSA for characterization of aneurysm dome, neck, parent vessel, artifacts, and image quality (kappa 0.81–0.98)

Wadghiri (2018)49 Tissue from clipped aneurysmsUltra HR-VWI 7T MRIMyeloperoxidase-gadolinium chelate in phantoms and human histology setups
  • Neutrophil activity in the aneurysm wall and perivascular space

  • Active involvement of neutrophils and neutrophil extracellular traps

  • Gray rows highlight studies with histological correlate.

  • DSA, digital substraction angiography; HR-VWI, high-resolution vessel wall imaging; MPIR-TSE, magnetization-prepared inversion-recovery turbo spin-echo; MPRAGE, magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition gradient-echo; MRA, magnetic resonance angiography; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; SI, signal intensity; SWI, susceptibility-weighted imaging; TOF, time-of-flight.