Table 2

An overview of device and microcatheter distribution with respect to target vessel and aneurysm location in our cohort

Device locationNo of treated aneurysmsNo of
2.25 mm diameter
FDS implanted
No of
2.75 mm diameter
FDS implanted
No. of
3.25 mm diameter
FDS implanted
Excelsior SL10
Micro- catheter:
Anterior communicating artery complex*121410111
Pericallosal artery220020
Middle cerebral artery†52110
Vertebral artery311112
Internal carotid –posterior communicating artery‡500605
  • * Due to distal shortening in three cases, 15 flow diverting stents (FDS) were implanted.

  • † One patient had two neighboring middle cerebral artery (MCA) aneurysms which were treated with one FDS (patient no 2).

  • ‡ One case of proximal shortening occurred which demanded implantation of an additional FDS to sufficiently cover the aneurysm.

  • §One MCA was treated using the same Headway 17 as employed for the treatment of a posterior communicating artery in the last row (patient   no 17).