Table 5

Clinical outcome adjusted for baseline ASPECTS by logistic regression

ICH subtypeAdjusted odds ratio (aOR) for mRS 0–2 outcome (95% CI)*P value
Any ICH (HT, PH, SAH, sICH)0.31 (0.19, 0.53)<0.001
HT (HI+PH)0.30 (0.17, 0.52)<0.001
HI0.38 (0.21, 0.70)0.002
SAH0.60 (0.16, 2.30)0.46
PH0.18 (0.06, 0.54)0.002
  • ICH on mRS 0–2 outcomes while controlling for (and therefore independent of) any effect of baseline ASPECTS on clinical outcome. Results are concordant with univariate modeling unadjusted for ASPECTS (table 4).

  • *The analysis shown above displays the adjusted odds ratio (aOR) for the occurrence of mRS 0–2 in the presence of each ICH subtype shown, adjusted for ASPECTS score at baseline. The adjustment for ASPECTS is included to avoid confounding between low ASPECTS and subsequent ICH. The aOR shown represents the effect of

  • †Adjusted modeling could not be performed due to sparse data (n=4 in sICH group).