Table 1

Stratified precautions for medical staff during COVID-19 epidemic

GradeScope of applicationProtection requirements
Level protection I(1) Observation for person contacting with confirmed COVID-19 cases. (2) Neurointerventional medical staff working in outpatient departmentWear white coats, disposable caps, disposable isolation gowns, disposable gloves and disposable surgical masks (replaced every 4‚ÄČhours or replaced once contamination occurs)
Level protection II(1) Neurointerventional staff conducting epidemiological investigations on close contacts, suspected or confirmed cases. (2) Neurointerventional staff who conduct diagnosis, treatment and disinfection in the isolation observation room, isolation ward or blockWear disposable caps, medical respirators (such as N95 mask), anti-fog safety goggles or anti-fog protective shields, medical protective suits, disposable gloves, and disposable shoe covers
Level protection III(1) Neurointerventional staff performing close procedures that may produce aerosol, such as endotracheal intubation, nebulization treatment, sputum induction, tracheotomy, chest physiotherapy, nasopharyngeal aspiration, positive pressure ventilation, high frequency oscillatory ventilation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and postmortem lung biopsy, etc. (2) Neurointerventional staff who process the blood, secretions, feces, and bodies of the confirmed casesWear full face respirators or positive pressure respirators, medical protective suits, disposable gloves, and disposable shoe covers