Table 1

Prevalence of clinical core mismatch over time and ASPECTS

(A) LVO and NIHSS ≥10P valueRate of mismatch decay (per hour)
0–24 hours0–3 hours3–6 hours6–9 hours9–12 hours12–15 hours15–18 hours18–21 hours21–24 hours0–24 hours
% CCM63%53%66%41%43%56%29%25%53%0.031.6%
(B) LVO and NIHSS ≥10 and rCBF/MRI <120 min of CT head Rate of mismatch decay (per ASPECTS)
% CCM77%65%13%<0.016.4%
(C) Relationship between mismatch, time, and ASPECTS (% CCM)Rate of mismatch decay (per ASPECTS point by time window)
% CCM0–6 hours65%65%13%0.035.3%
6–12 hours92%67%20%0.017.2%
12–24 hours81%60%10%0.0027.1%
P value0.1711NA
Rate of mismatch decay (per time by ASPECTS groups)No trend of decay
  • *Grouped together due to small numbers.

  • ASPECTS, Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score; CCM, clinical-core mismatch; LVO, large vessel occlusion; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; rCBF, relative cerebral blood flow.