Table 2

Results from systematic analysis of 21 studies on transradial approach for neurointervention

Study variables
Number of studies21
Total number of patients1342
Number of female patients*315/742 (42.4%)
Median age in years (range)66.2 (48.5–86)
 Aneurysm treatment423
 Mechanical thrombectomy127
 Carotid artery stenting616
 Tumor embolization22
 Others (vertebrobasilar angioplasty and stenting, embolization of arteriovenous malformation, dural arteriovenous fistula and tumor, balloon test occlusion)154
Left-sided lesions †391/692 (56.5%)
Anterior lesions‡816/955 (85.4 %)
 Major2 (0.15%)
 Minor37 (2.75%)
Crossovers to transfemoral approach
 Secondary to access site issues7 (0.52%)
 Difficult to engage in target vessel57 (4.24%)
  • *Gender was reported only in 660 patients of the total 842 patients.

  • †Side of the lesion was reported only in 692 patients of the total 1342 patients.

  • ‡Location of lesion was described only in 955 patients of the 1424 patients.