Table 4

Summary of failed cases with the Contour Neurovascular System

IDLesion locationAneurysm dimensionsARDNRProcedural difficulties
Neck (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
12MCA3. to catheterize with XT 27 catheter so coils were attempted. Despite eventual catheterization with Echelon 10 microcatheter, balloon inflation and attempts with multiple coils, the procedure was felt to be high risk of stroke and abandoned
13Pericallosal3. to catheterize aneurysm with XT 27 catheter therefore successfully reverted to coiling
14MCA5. XT 27 was navigated into the aneurysm. There were two failed trials with two 11 mm Contour devices. Subsequently a 9×4 mm WEB was used but was not suitable and an 8×3 mm WEB was used instead with good clinical and radiological outcomes
  • AR, aspect ratio (height/neck); DNR, dome/neck ratio (width/neck); MCA, middle cerebral artery.