Table 1

Baseline characteristics

n =Right radial access attemptedFemoral access attemptedP value
Indications/goal of angiogram
Presence of abnormality on non-invasive imaging5031.6%4730.5%0.83
Surveillance of known untreated abnormality42.5%42.6%0.97
Follow-up of previously treated abnormality5333.5%5032.5%0.84
Evaluate extracranial carotid/vertebral disease106.3%117.1%0.77
Rule out cause of intracranial hemorrhage1710.8%1711.0%0.95
Rule out blunt cerebrovascular injury159.5%149.1%0.90
Rule out cerebral vasculopathy10.6%42.6%0.17
Rule out unruptured mycotic aneurysm53.2%21.3%0.27
Mean age57.156.40.67
Mean BMI29.529.40.90
On active dual antiplatelets2415.2%2415.6%0.95
On active anticoagulation1610.1%1610.4%0.94
Mean starting hemoglobin (g/dL)
Mean starting hematocrit (%)38.739.10.48
Mean starting creatinine (mg/dL)0.860.870.79
Outpatient n =6843.0%5334.4%0.12
  • BMI, body mass index.