Table 1

Data for percent 2020 increase, average yearly 2016–2019 increase, proportion of observed over expected, and percent of COVID-19 related articles by journal

JournalsObserved 2020 increaseAverage yearly increase of 2016–2019Observed/ ExpectedCOVID-19 related articles
Neurosurgery 27.3%11.3%2.4215.1%
Journal of Neurosurgery 36.4%3.60%10.18.37%
American Journal of Neuroradiology 41.2%4.38%9.418.58%
Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery 31.6%18.2%1.749.30%
JNS: Spine 62.0%3.02%20.52.26%
JNS: Pediatrics 55.0%3.31%16.62.91%
Stroke 27.0%4.59%5.882.62%
World Neurosurgery 57.6%41.4%1.395.82%
Total (mean)42.3%11.2%8.516.87%