Table 1

Physicians’ estimated time-savings that can be achieved through optimization of particular workflow steps in comparison with time-savings reported in the literature

Workflow stepEstimated time-savings in the survey (mean)Estimated time-savings reported in the literature
Pre-notification of the neurointerventional team19 min11 min decrease in door-to-physician contact (‘door to doctor’) time through pre-notification by emergency medical services
Optimizing the spatial setup18 min23–34 min decrease in door-to-reperfusion times through one-stop shop management, which eliminates the distance between CT scanner and neuroangiography suite19 20
Streamlining workflows in the emergency department17 min50 min decrease in time to treatment through parallel processing/multiple simultaneous interventions7
All-time available anesthesiologist18 min23–36 min decrease in time to treatment through optimization of anesthetic management7 21
Pre-prepared BRISK thrombectomy kit13 min31 min decrease of groin puncture to recanalization time through standardization of the thrombectomy equipment and pre-prepared kits22
  • BRISK, Brisk Recanalization Ischemic Stroke Kit.