Table 3

Average per-patient procedural and hospitalization-related healthcare resource use costs for the FPE and non-FPE groups

(2020 US$)
(2020 €)
(2020 €)
(2020 €)
(2020 €)
(2020 Kr)
(2020 £)
FPE (n=91)
 LOS*$9832€1381€3096€3124€6542Kr 68 942£3019
 Devices/methods used$7886€2325€1415€3458€2709Kr 26 424£2416
 Total$17 718€3706€4511€6581€9252Kr 95 365£5435
Non−FPE (n=81)
 LOS*$13 616€2146€4811€4854€10 167Kr 89 376£3955
 Devices/methods used$10 678€3120€1902€4628€3632Kr 35 457£3231
 Total$24 293€5266€6713€9483€13 799Kr 124 833£7186
Difference (2020 currencies)−$6575−€1560−€2202−€2901−€4548−Kr 29 468−£1751
Difference (2020 US$)†−$6575−$1833−$2587−$3409−$5343−$3364−$2285
  • Numbers may not sum due to rounding.

  • *Costs for LOS for US, UK, and Sweden were based on total LOS and proportion of standard bed vs intensive care unit days (standard bed and intensive care unit days costed separately). Costs for LOS for France, Italy, Spain, and Germany were based on total LOS (separate costs for intensive care unit stay and standard bed days not found in the literature; as such, a general cost for LOS was used).

  • †Exchange rates reported for August 03, 2020, 16:00 UTC were used. The exchange rates were as follows: €1.00=US$1.17, Kr1.00=US$0.11, and £1.00=US$1.31.

  • FPE, first-pass effect; LOS, length of stay; UTC, coordinated universal time.