Table 2

Change of hemodynamic parameters (relative to the untreated condition) after deployment of an additional stent or when a single stent was deployed with a compaction technique applied compared with standard deployment of a single stent

Hemodynamic parametersNo of studiesNo of IAsMean difference95% CI of differenceSDP value
OverlappingIR reduction (%)47−14.4−19.6 to −*
AAV reduction (%)69−16.8−23.5 to −*
WSS reduction (%)46−27.3−31.4 to −23.33.9<0.0001*
TUT change (%)2447.011.3 to 82.722.40.0247†
CompactionIR reduction (%)48−16.0−25.4 to −6.711.30.0051†
AAV reduction (%)36−23.3−38.4 to −8.314.40.0105†
TUT change (%)2458.3−12.5 to
  • *Statistical significance confirmed (p<0.005).

  • †Suggestive of statistical significance (p<0.05).

  • AAV, intra-aneurysmal average velocity; IA, intracranial aneurysm; IR, inflow rate; TUT, turnover time; WSS, wall shear stress.