Table 1

Case series of COVID-19-infected patients presenting with LVO

ReferenceDatePlaceStroke (n)ELVO (n)Age (mean)Sex (%)Race (%)Comorbidities (%)Outcome (%)
MaleFemaleWhiteBlackLatinoHypertensionDiabetesObesityRehabDeathmRS 4–5
Oxley et al 3 April 2020USA540.48020
Yaghi et al 1 July 2020USA32655505010033333333
Altschul et al 44 August 2020USA1368386283846694623548
Grewal et al 47 August 2020USA1333366661006633
Ntaios et al 48 September 2020World174216831372828
Majidi et al 29 September 2020USA24597525837504229
Tiwari et al 49 September 2020USA855100013506350256313
de Havenon et al 46 September 2020USA10458*6832262619714725473023
Trifan et al 50 November 2020USA647574327
Bekelis et al 45 December 2020USA86154100
  • *Estimated from data provided.

  • ELVO, emergent large vessel occlusion; mRS, modified Rankin Scale.