Table 2

Data on aneurysms and treatment

CaseAneurysmAneurysm previously ruptured/treatmentDome diameters x/y/z (mm)Neck diameter (mm)Parent artery proximal/distal diameters (mm)p48 device (mm)Procedure time/p48 repositionBranch emerging from the dome/neckAssociated coiling/ balloonArteries covered by the device
1Right MCA bifN/N7.7/8/9.153.0/1.93x1283/NY/NY/NM1 perf, M2 branch
2Left MCA bifN/N7.7/5.7/ perforators, M2 branch
3Right MCA bifN/N5/4.2/ perf, M2 branch
4Left ACA-A2N/N4.1/3.1/3.931.8/1.82x1222/NN/YN/NA2 branch
5Right MCA-M1N/N2.1/3/ perf
Right MCA-M1N/N3.1/3.1/ perf
6Right ACA A1-A2No/coiling3.5/2.8/, 2x930/NN/NN/NA1 perf, Contralateral A1 end
7Right MCA bifYes/coiling2.9/2.3/ branch
  • ACA, anterior cerebral artery; bif, bifurcation; MCA, middle cerebral artery; N, no; Y, yes.