Table 4

Overview of the characteristic of the current flow diverters

DeviceNumber of wiresDesign/materialsMicrocatheter compatibility (inches)Device diameter range (mm)Recommended parent vessel
Silk Vista Baby48Single-layer. DFT (Nitinol + platinum)0.0172.25–3.251.5–3.5
Silk Vista48Single-layer. DFT (Nitinol + platinum)0.0213.5–4.753.5–5
Silk+48Single-layer. Nitinol and platinum0.021 and 0.0252–5.51.5–5.75
Pipeline Shield48Single-layer. Cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy and platinum-tungsten0.0272.5–52–5
P64 MW HPC64Single-layer. DFT (Nitinol + platinum)0.0213–52.5–5
P48 MW HPC48Single-layer. DFT (Nitinol + platinum)0.0212–31.75–3
Surpass Evolve48Single-layer. Cobalt-chromium and platinum-tungsten0.0272.52.0–2.5
Surpass Evolve64Single-layer. Cobalt-chromium and platinum-tungsten0.0273,25–52.5–5
Derivo48 (24 wires looped)Single-layer. DFT (Nitinol + platinum) and platinum-iridium0.0273.5–62.5–6
Derivo mini48 (24 wires looped)Single-layer. DFT (Nitinol + platinum) and platinum-iridium0.0212.5–3.51.5–3.5
FRED48 (inner) + 16 (outer)Dual-layer. Nitinol and tantalum0.0273.5–5.52–5
FRED Jr36 (inner) + 16 (outer)Dual-layer. Nitinol and tantalum0.0212.5–32–3
Tubridge48Single-layer. Nitinol and platinum-iridium0.0292.5–32–3
Tubridge64Single-layer. Nitinol and platinum-iridium0.0293.5–6.53–6.5
  • Silk Vista, Silk Vista Baby and Silk+ (Balt extrusion, Montmorency, France), Pipeline Shield (Medtronic Neurovascular, Irvine, CA), P48 MW HPC and P64 MW HPC (Phenox, Bochum, Germany), Surpass Evolve (Stryker Neurovascular, Fremont, CA), Derivo and Derivo Mini (Acandis, Acandis GmbH, Pforzheim, Germany), FRED and FRED Jr (Microvention, Tustin, CA), Tubridge (MicroPort NeuroTech, Shanghai, China).

  • DFT, drawn filled tubing.;