Table 1

Input variables defined

Input variableDescription
Presence of a proximal radial loopSee figure 1.
Diameter of aortic arch (mm)The diameter of the aorta was measured at the apex of its curvature in the aortic arch
Type of aortic archDescribes the anatomy of the aortic arch (type 1, 2, or 3)
Presence of bovine anatomyDescribes when the left common carotid artery arises from a shared origin with the innominate artery
Presence of a common carotid (left or right) proximal loopA loop within the proximal common carotid artery
Presence of a vertebral artery (left or right) proximal loopA loop within the proximal vertebral artery
Presence of single subclavian innominate curveA loop within the proximal subclavian and distal innominate artery
Presence of double subclavian innominate curveSee figure 1.
Angle of innominate subclavian primary curveThe angle between the proximal subclavian artery and its origin from the innominate artery (figure 1)
Angle of innominate subclavian secondary curveThe angle between the subclavian artery just proximal to the origin of the innominate artery and the secondary curve of the innominate artery (figure 1)
Length of innominate artery (mm)The length of the innominate artery
Subclavian vertebral angle (right and left)The angle between the lateral wall of the vertebral artery origin and the superior wall of the subclavian proximal to the vertebral artery origin
Innominate aortic angleThe angle between the aortic arch and the origin of the innominate artery