Table 1

Classification of hemorrhagic events after ischemic stroke and reperfusion therapy consensus (Heidelberg Bleeding Classification)13 compared with ECASS III14

Anatomic intracranial hemorrhage classificationECASS typeDescription
1Hemorrhagic transformation of infarcted brain tissue
1aHI1Scattered small petechiae, no mass effect
1bHI2Confluent petechiae, no mass effect
1cPH1Hematoma within infarcted tissue, occupying <30%, no substantive mass effect
2Intracerebral hemorrhage within and beyond infarcted brain tissue
PH2Hematoma occupying 30% or more of the infarcted tissue, with obvious mass effect
3Intracerebral hemorrhage outside the infarcted brain tissue or intracranial-extracerebral hemorrhage
3aParenchymal hematoma remote from infarcted brain tissue
3bIntraventricular hemorrhage
3cSubarachnoid hemorrhage
3dSubdural hemorrhage
  • HI, hemorrhagic infarction; PH, parenchymatous hematoma.