Table 1

Settings used for the different scanning acquisitions, performed with the Philips Allura Clarity (hybrid operating room cone beam CT system), Medtronic O-arm O2 (O-arm cone beam CT system), and Philips Veradius Unity mobile C-arm

FOV (cm) (label)27 (S)37 (M)48 (L)20 (M)20 (M)20 (M)40 (L)20 (M)13 (S)18 (M)27 (L)27 (L)27 (M)
Patient sizeMMLMM
Tube voltage (kV)1231221201201201201251207972696768
Tube current time (mAs)31927119180160200240240
Tube current (mA)3.353.31.762.824.75
Gantry size (cm)857073
Detector size (cm×cm)40×3040×3026.2×26.2
Detector pixel matrix2480×19202038×15361560×1420
3D scan rotation (degrees)180360
Copper beam filtration (mm)
  • Bold text indicates the manufacturer defined standard clinical protocol.

  • FOV, field of view; hCBCT, hybrid cone beam CT; HD, high dose; L, large; LD, low dose; M, medium; MD, medium dose; ND, normal dose; oCBCT, O-arm cone beam CT; S, small; SD, standard dose.