Table 3

Procedural characteristics

Procedural characteristicResults
Total fluoroscopy time, mins mean±SD (range)43.4±28.9 (3–266)
Overall procedure time*, mins mean±SD (range)83.2±45.7 (11–370)
Day of procedure, % (n/N)
 Weekday93.4% (795/851)
 Weekend6.6% (56/851)
Packing density†, mean±SD (range)32.3±18.3 (0.4–218.7)
Adjunctive techniques used, % (n/N)
 Coils only43.2% (368/851)
 Stent-assisted only34.8% (296/851)
 Balloon-assisted only17.4% (148/851)
 Balloon-assisted and stent-assisted2.8% (24/851)
 Flow diverter-assisted‡1.8% (15/851)
RROC at the end of the procedure, % (n/N)
 Class I to II80.3% (681/848)
 Class I40.2% (341/848)
 Class II40.1% (340/848)
 Class III19.7% (167/848)
Re-access attempts with guidewire due to catheter kckout§, % (n/N)¶6.2% (280/4517)
  • *Defined as time from arterial puncture to last coil detached

  • †For patients with constructively treated saccular aneurysm

  • ‡For one patient, both balloon and flow-diverter adjunctive techniques were used

  • §For Penumbra coils only. Thirteen patients are missing re-access information for Penumbra coils.

  • ¶Reported by device (# of kickout occurrences over # of Penumbra coils used)

  • RROC, Raymond–Roy Occlusion Classification.