Table 1

Overview of the interventions in which the Columbus guidewire was used

Patient NoType of interventionIndicationColumbus typeTarget reachedComplicationsOther wireMicrocatheterComment
3 ThrombectomyStroke M1 rightStd.YesNoneNoProwler select plus
10 ThrombectomyStroke M2Std.YesNoneNoProwler select plus
12 ThrombectomyStroke P2 leftStd.YesNoneNoProwler select plus
13 ThrombectomyStroke M1 leftStd.YesNoneNoProwler select plus
14 ThrombectomyStroke M2 leftStd.YesNoneNoProwler select plus
18 ThrombectomyStroke ICA terminus rightStd.YesNoneNoProwler select plus
22 ThrombectomyStroke M1 and A1 leftStd.YesNoneNoProwler select plus
31 ThrombectomyStroke M2 leftSRYesNoneNoProwler select plus
16 ThrombectomyStroke M3 left and A3 rightStd.YesNoneNoHeadway DuoSeptic emboli
28 ThrombectomyStroke M1 leftStd. No NoneChikai 14, TraxcessProwler select plus, Rebar 18Columbus reached target but kinked
31 ThrombectomyStroke M1 rightSRYesNoneSynchro 14Prowler select plusColumbus kinked after three maneuvers
23 Thrombectomy/stentingStroke M1 leftStd.YesNoneNoProwler select plus, Vasco (for LEO Baby)Failed thrombectomy and bail out stenting
2 CoilingaSAH from ruptured PComAStd.YesNoneNoSL-10 straight
27 Coiling, y-stentingaSAH from ruptured giant PComA aneurysm rightStd.Yes Coil stretching. Coil could be removed TraxcessSL-10 straight, Velocity Exit from aneurysm was assisted by shapeability of Columbus
19 Coiling, stent assistedAcute SAH from ruptured basilar artery aneurysmStd.YesNoneNoSL-10 straight Both PCA could be entered without wall contact to aneurysm
35 Coiling, stent assistedaSAH from ruptured AComA aneurysmStd.YesNoneChikai 10 XSL-10 straight Columbus assisting a Chikai 10 X to avoid aneurysm wall
5 Coiling, stent assistedRecurrent AComA aneurysm after clippingStd.YesNoneTraxcessSL-10 straight Columbus helpful accessing branch
6 Coiling, stent assistedIrregular wide neck MCA aneurysm with baby aneurysm rightStd.Yes Active bleeding after deployment of stent TraxcessSL-10 straight Columbus secondary wire. Navigation in superior trunk of MCA with Columbus
8 Coiling, stent assistedPericallosal aneurysmStd.YesNoneNoSL-10 straight
9 CoilingAComA aneurysmStd.YesNoneTraxcessSL-10 straight
25 Coiling, stent assistedBA tip aneurysmStd.YesNoneTraxcessSL-10 straight, Prowler select plus Access PCA without contact to aneurysm
26 A1 aneurysm rightStd.YesNoneNoSL-10 straight
36 Coiling, Y-stentingSymptomatic, partially thrombosed BA aneurysmStd.YesNoneChikai 10 XSL-10 straight Could avoid aneurysm wall. Handle came off
20 Flow diverter and coilingSymptomatic ICA aneurysm leftStd.YesNoneNoPhenom 27, SL-10 straight
11 Flow diverterParaophthalmic ICA aneurysmStd.YesNoneTransend EXPhenom 27
21 Flow diverterParaophthalmic ICA aneurysmStd.YesNoneNoPhenom 27
15 Flow diverterACI aneurysm leftStd.YesNoneNoPhenom 27
24 Flow diverterSymptomatic giant ICA aneurysm leftStd.YesNoneTraxcess EXSL-10 straight, Phenom 27 Columbus helped exit aneurysm
32 WEBWide neck MCA aneurysm leftSRYesNoneTraxcessSL-10 straight Handle came off
17 EmbolizationRuptured thalamic AVMStd.YesNoneChikai 8, TraxcessSL-10 straight
7 EmbolizationSymptomatic sigmoid sinus AV-fistulaStd.YesNoneNoSL-10 straight
1 EmbolizationGiant meningioma pre-operationStd.YesNoneNoRebar 27
34 EmbolizationGiant meningioma pre-operationSRYesNoneNoRebar 27
33 Treatment of vasospasmaSAH from ruptured, clipped MCA aneurysmSRYesNoneNoProwler select plusUse of Comaneci
4 Carotid stentingSymptomatic high-grade stenosis left ICAStd.YesNoneSynchro 14 EXNone Backloading devices impossible
29 Intracranial stentingSymptomatic high grade stenosis M1 leftStd.YesNoneNoSL-10 straight
  • The table is grouped by type of intervention.

  • AComA, anterior communicating artery; aSAH, acute subarachnoid hemorrhage; AV, arteriovenous; AVM, arteriovenous malformation; BA, basilar artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PCA, posterior cerebral artery; PComA, posterior communicating artery.